British want to leave the European Union

union-jackThe most recent Eurobarometer Survey conducted on behalf of the European Commission has come up with a cracking result, which is not totally unexpected, but nevertheless some indicator of not just the mood of the British, but also the swing, public opinion towards the European Union takes on the island of liberalism.

Yet, the referendum about the British continuing their liaison with the European Union is only to be held in 2017. Though, Europeans amongst British politicians will claim that public mood will by then have swung back to being in favour of remaining with the continentals. Nevertheless, the European Union and the European Commission face stiff and increasing resistance from British people, who think, they would be better off out, and measures like the financial transaction tax and other proposals that harm British interests, the British economy and cut deep into civic rights will very likely rather worsen the record of the European Union and fuel the ultimate exit.

So results of the most recent Eurobarometer survey are just one step on the road to exit.

Asked whether they agree (totally agree, tend to agree) or disagree (tend to disagree, totally disagree) with the statement that “The Interests of the United Kingdom are well taken into account in the EU”, 3% of British interviewees say that they totally agree, while 26% tend to agree. However, 32% tend to disagree and 22% disagree totally, while 10% do not hold an opinion whatsoever on that topic.

Hence, the majority of the British think or tend to think that the interests of the United Kingdom are not well taken into account in the EU.

This is the prelude to the next statement:

“The United Kingdom could better face the future outside the EU”.

eu-flag25% of those interviewed in the UK agree totally, 28% tend to agree, 22% tend to disagree, while 14% totally disagree and 11% have no opinion on the subject. In other words: 53% of British interviewees would like or tend to  to face the future outside the European Union, while 36% would prefer to face the future as a part of the European Union.

So if a referendum about the European Union were to be held right now, it would see the British exit the European Union.

That result is first hand information, provided by the European Commission, well, not really provided, but more or less well hidden or stored away.

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