Third Reich Slang: German Unionist out of his senses

Statistics show that we do have a considerable and growing number of readers in English speaking countries. Therefore, we decided to publish texts, of which we think they might be of some interest to the English speaking World in English.

A leaflet distributed in 1819 in the northern parts of Germany told readers about Jews “who spread like locusts amongst us”. In her work “Konzentrationslager und Erinnerungen: Ergebnisse” [Concentration Camps and Memories: Results] Eva Brückner quotes a passage distributed in German publications in the mit-1920s: After the war [the Great War], it says, the Eastern Jewish Locusts covered the German Reich. They carried their undermining influence right into German trade …” In 1965 Historian Alexander Bein published a paper in the German Quartarly Journal for Contemporary History, in which he analysed semantics of the Jewish Question as it was commonly called in the Third Reich. He did so headlining his article with “The Jewish Parasite” thus alluding to the fact, that Jews had been considered parasites in the official ideology of the Third Reich.

Klemperer LTIThe Jewish Parasites that is vermin to the German “Volkskörper” [Literally: Nation Body, the concept is unknown in English speaking countries], the Jewish Parasites that drowns the blood out of the “Volkskörper”, the Jewish Parasites that bring his incubated and dirty money with them and destruction to the honest German trader, it is a well known figure in Third Reich semantics. It is the central figure in Third Reich mythology. All explanations of the misery and what ought to be done in order to free the German people and put them to their inherited and rightful place in the world, revolves around it.

Like that:

“These locusts exploit the misery of enterprises and States.”

“It must not be … it must not be tolerated that” these locusts “take an entire nation at ransom, consigning millions of working people to misery and poverty because of their creed. It is beyond belief that neither politics nor courts, nor the world community do something to stop these machination.

These locusts “reap havoc on a global scale, which is why they must be put on a leash.”

“It must be avoided that the poor will have to foot the bill for the speculation of these locusts”.

Victor Klemperer, a German Linguist analysed the semantics of the Third Reich, the verbal concept, terms and mythology used by the Nazis in detail. One of the characteristics he came up with stressed the fact, that in Nazi-language new meanings had been assigned to words once used as descriptive words, or logical expressions. These words had become magical words intended to evoke affects and emotions in their receivers (Bein, 1965: 122-123).

This new meaning is evident in the quotes above.

Not just that, these quotes show a rather unsettling closeness to religious mysticism, which foresees calamities of biblical proportions and on a global scale. These calamities will be inevitable, if these locusts cannot be stopped if it is not possible to get rid of one of the seven plagues that pestered the Ancient Egyptians.

In these quotes, we read of attempts of extortion and creed, and partake on a walk through a valley of death with carnage to the left and carnage to the right, consequences politics and law do not want to prevent, as we are informed.

While in opposition to the state, the German Nazis tailored a myth that went like this: The then Weimar Republic had been undermined by Jews. Politics, economy, arts and especially law and courts were in the firm grip of the so called Jewish International Financial Conspiracy. This is what they wanted to make the people in the 1920s and early 1930s believe. The quotes above present this premise. They revolve around the mystics of hidden and ugly forces, that destroy what is honest and good in the World and they want to direct their readers to the source of all evil: locusts.

But, the quotes have not been taken from historical texts, texts produced by Nazi-ideologues or hangers-on.

The quotes are not from the 1920s, nor are they from the 1930s, either.

Unionist's Hate Speech
Unionist’s Hate Speech / verbatim

They are newer than that, more recent.

In fact, they are part of a speech given by Stefan Körzell, elected member on the board of the German Unions Conference (Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund), the TUC of Germany, so to speak at the end of July 2014.

Usually, hate speech is attributed to Islamists or other religious extremists. Who would have thought that hate speech originates in the headquarters of trade unions, in the headquarters of institutions that consider themselves one of the pillars of democracy.

It is precisely because unions like to see themselves as democratic institutions that speeches like the one made by Mr Körzell cannot be tolerated, and neither can Mr Körzell. In his speech Mr Körzell says: “no nation, no government, not even the World community can afford that”, and, though, we do not believe that great parts of the World community will even take notice of Mr. Körzell, we do agree. He is not bearable and unions, let alone German unions  – pillars of democracy that they are – cannot afford to be associated with people like him. Hence, we would gladly accept his resignation.

The hate speech to be found on the webpage of the German Unions targets the Hedge Funds of Mr. Paul Singer, one of the funds that stood firm against the Argentinian governments attempts of blackmail. As it happens, Paul Singer is Jewish, so we should not be surprised if in his next statement Mr Körzell or even the German Unions will re-invent the Jewish Financial World Conspiracy.

As always, when hate speakers do their job, they make a lot of unsubstantiated claims, preach the right way to happiness, condemn their enemies and they do all that based on absolutely nothing. Again, Mr. Körzell perfectly fits the pattern. He makes unsubstantiated claims and condemns his enemies in hedge funds. He gives faulty information and tells downright lies, as most hate preachers do. And he thinks to get away with it.

How stupid must he be and how stupid must he think, ordinary unionists are?

German Media that pride themselves as guardians against Nazi-ideology rather surprisingly did not report a single word from Mr. Körzell’s verbal fallout. Either German journalists do not comprehend what is obvious or they do not want to comprehend  what is obvious (or they are simply used to this kind of racism). In either way they neglect their self-assigned duties.

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