Germans: Britain Should Leave the European Union

While campaigning rages throughout the United Kingdom, with the Government spending tax payers’ money, and leave campaigners relying on crowd founding on a voluntary basis, ScienceFiles asked the people.

Not the British people, though, but the German people, 1.885 of them. We wanted to know, how Germans see the British discussion about BREXIT and what they think Britons should do and are most likely to do.

Results are staggering.

First we asked German Respondents whether they think that Britain can be considered a sovereign country when inside the European Union. 78,35% of the respondents (N = 1,477) either fully or to some extent agree with the statement that there is no sovereignty for Britain within the European Union. Furthermore, 73,44% (N = 1,422) of the respondents either fully agree or agree to some extent with the statement that Britain would be better-off outside the EU.


Given the prevailing view among German respondents that as a member of the European Union Britain will have to surrender her sovereignty and furthermore, will be economically worse off it comes as no surprise that the Germans’ recommendation to the British is to leave the European Union. 62,33% (N = 1,175) fully agree and 20,53% (N = 387) agree to some extent with the statement that the United Kingdom should leave the European Union.

BREXIT 2.jpg

As far as Germans are concerned, the referendum next month is done and dusted. Vote leave is the overwhelming recommendation given by the Germans to the British.

However, recommendations are one thing, accepting recommendations is another. Therefore we asked the German respondents, what they think is the most likely outcome of the British referendum about membership in the European Union. Results show a more careful approach of the German respondents. 20,48% (N = 386) of the German respondents think it very likely that Britons will vote leave on the 23rd of June, while 56,71% (N = 1,069) think it likely. 18,73% of respondents think that Britons will vote to remain within the European Union.


According to Germans, if Britain is to retain her sovereignty, if sustainable economic growth is the target for the British economy, to leave the European Union is a must. All the more so, because a majority of Germans would want to leave the European Union as well, however, the likelihood of being able to vote in a referendum like the British is considered as being non-existent by most of the respondents.

Notes: Compared to the German population our sample consists of a higher percentage of highly educated, of self-employed and of above average earners.

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3 Responses to Germans: Britain Should Leave the European Union

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  2. fdominicus says:

    Hab mitgemacht war aber schon vorher meine Meinung. Nur kann ich an der Güte der EU für kein Land einen Vorteil erkennen. So wie es aussieht können sich die Briten aber zumindest aussprechen, ob und wie deren Abstimmung dann umgesetzt wird oder nicht werden wir Ende Juni wissen…..

    Ich kann mir durchaus vorstellen es gibt eine Mehrheit für den EU-Austritt, nur bezweifele ich, daß er mit dieser Mehrheit auch schon entschieden wurde. Ich gehe von einer Mehrheit für’s Bleiben im Parlament aus. Und wie wir ja wissen gibt es keine Volksvertreter sondern maximal Volkstreter.. D.h. das “Bemühen” wird sehr unterschiedlich – je nach Wahlverhalten – ausfallen.

  3. waldbaer says:

    A NO to Brexit will mean slavery to a bureaucratic construct.

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